A.G. Ross Arena

Built in 1972, Center of Winter Activity
Boys and Girls Hockey Clubs
Figure Skating
Men's and Women’s Hockey Clubs

5326 - 51 Street Elk Point, Alberta Canada
Phone Number:
(780) 724-3509
Contact: Doug Bassett, (780) 724-4067
Arena Phone: (780) 724-3509
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Category: Sports & Recreation


Did You Know?

Village of Elk Point Formed, 1938
In the words of J.C. Jensen "We have functioned barely a year and as the first Council we feel at this date, that justifiable pride can be taken in the solvency of the village finances, and in the local improvements that have been carried out. We do not claim infallibility but we have sincerely tried to provide the greatest good for the greatest number. We feel a pride in our village. We hope that it may grow more beautiful, become ever more conscious of the civic pride and truly be a community of which the younger growing generation can always look back to as a sphere of pleasant memories. Our aim is to foster the feeling beyond our confines, that we need them as well as their need of us."