Regulating and Controlling Animals 

  • Dogs and cats must wear a Town License.
  • Tourist may not need to license their dog or cat on the grounds that their stay is not more than 14 days.
  • The owner shall obtain the license from the Town Office immediately after the dog/cat is eight (8) weeks old.
  • The owner shall obtain a license for the dog/cat on or before the 31st Day of January in each year.
  • The owner shall obtain a license for a dog/cat when the dog or cat is found running at large.
  • The owner shall obtain a license after he/she becomes the owner of a dog/cat.
  • The owner shall obtain a license for a dog/cat which has been impounded before such dog/cat may be claimed from the pound.
  • No more than three dogs or three cats per household or a total of four cats and dogs combined.

Replacement, Rebate and Transfer of License 

  • If a dog/cat license is lost or destroyed, a replacement tag will be issued upon the receipt of a $2.00 replacement fee.
  • No person shall be entitled to a rebate on any paid in full dog/cat license fee because of the death or sale of the dog/cat or upon the owner’s leaving the Town before expiration of the license period.
  • No license shall be transferrable from one dog/cat to another dog/cat.

Public Nuisance 

The owner is responsible for cleaning up any feces deposits made by their dog/cat.

Dogs/cats shall NOT:
  • Bite, attack, run at, or attempt to bite, attack, or run at any person or animal.
  • Bite, bark at or chase bicycles, automobiles or any other motorized transportation.
  • Bark, howl or otherwise disturb any person.
  • Cause damage to property or other animals.
  • Worry or annoy any other animal.
  • Upset waste receptacles or scatter the contents of any garbage receptacles.
  • Defecate on property other than his/her own or undeveloped Town Property.

Reclaiming your Dog/Cat

The owner may reclaim the dog/cat from the pound within 48 hours from the time impoundment (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) by paying to the Town of Elk Point the impoundment fee and any other pertinent fees (if required), as well as obtaining a current license for the dog/cat.

License Fees
January 1 - December 31 

  • Unaltered Cat/Dog - $30.00
  • Spayed/Neutered cat/dog - $15.00
** After August 31 of any given year, the following fees apply: ** 
  • Unaltered Cat/Dog - $20.00
  • Spayed/Neutered cat/dog - $10.00

Penalties and Fines 

First Offence
  • Failure to wear a license - $40.00
  • Running at large - $50.00
  • Excessively disturb quiet - $100.00
  • Defecation - $100.00
  • Bite/chase/attack - $200.00 
Second and Subsequent Offences (within 6 months)
  • Liable to double the specified penalty amount listed above
  • Unlicensed - $100.00
  • Impound fee (per day) - $20.00
  • Replacement Tags - $2.00

For more information regarding your animal or animal tags, please contact the Town Office at 780-724-3810 or via email 

Or, stop by the Town Office located at 4914 - 50 Avenue, Elk Point 


Did You Know?

In 1909, Post office and store established in Elk Point on farm of Mr. Hood, east of present Tempo Service Station. First official use of name Elk Point for the community. Elk Point School district was established.