Elk Point Economic Development

Hwy 41

The Town of Elk Point is Open for Business

Click HERE to view the available lots for sale in the Town of Elk Point. 
There are multiple serviced lots for sale in Elk Point's Industrial area. The area is a hub of oilfield companies, with easy access to Highway 41 and the corridors to connect the Lakeland to other parts of Alberta, and Canada. 
The Town of Elk Point expedites the buying process by directing purchasers to the Chief Administrative Officer to set up a meeting with Town Council. There's no middle man, speak right to the people in charge. 
To find out more about growing your business in Elk Point, contact the Town office 780-724-3810 or email Ken Gwozdz, cao@elkpoint.ca. 

Did You Know?

In 1962 Elk Point becomes a Town, motel built and County of St. Paul established.