History of the Town 

A history as strong & rich as Elk Point needs to passed on through the generations. 

Nestled in green rolling hills, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Elk Point is rich in culture and history. Founded on fur trading, the community has grown to discovering natural resources and sharing them with the world. The community is known for its heavy involvement in farming, grains and livestock, as well as industry, oil & gas and salt. 

Central to many historical sites, Elk Point is the right place to be if you're looking to discover Northeast Alberta's history. Nearby tourist sites include, Fort George Buckingham House, the North Saskatchewan River, the Windsor Salt Plant, and Frog Lake Resistance site; site of the Frog Lake Massacre. 

From the Northwest Rebellion, to the coming of the railroad Big Bear, Poundmaker, Pakan; great leaders in times of great trouble. First sodbuster to Elk Point - Americans, Scandinavian, Ukrainians and other Europeans. Pioneer life - sod shack, outdoor dairy, woodcutting bee, river ferry, and around the cook stove, horse n` buggy.

In 1955 a bridge crossed the North Saskatchewan River just south of Elk Point and 10,000 people came to the opening. That record breaking event set the pace for the little village with the `mighty voice`.

Two prominent County doctors called Elk Point home, Dr. AG Ross and Dr. FG Miller. Both doctors traveled from Vermilion to Cold Lake to treat patients; even is the dead of winter. Because of their dedication to the community and the people of Northeastern Alberta, Elk Point has named their arena, the AG Ross Arena and school, FG Miller Jr/Sr High. 


  1. Founding and Incorporation
  2. Fur Trade
  3. Canadian National Railway
  4. Fort George, 1794
  5. Historical Photos
  6. Elk Point Timeline
For more history of Elk Point visit elkpointhistory.ca


The Town of Elk Point is situated in the County of St. Paul #19, on Highway 41, north 64 kms of the Highway 16 junction. The town is 235 235 kms northeast of Edmonton and can also be accessed via Highways 28, 29 and 36. The junction of Highway 41 and secondary Highway 646 meets on the south side of Elk Point.
The Elk Point Airport is located 8 kilometers east of Elk Point and has the longest airstrip in the region. 

Adventure travelers can ride Alberta's Iron Horse Trail into Elk Point; which enters on the south side of Elk Point, The trail has a large staging area where you can park and enjoy the downtown retail and restaurant district. 



Did You Know?

In 1909, Post office and store established in Elk Point on farm of Mr. Hood, east of present Tempo Service Station. First official use of name Elk Point for the community. Elk Point School district was established.