How do you make a payment to the Town of Elk Point?


Online Banking Directly:

ATB - 11 Digits (ex. Water: 906000 should be 00000906000 / taxes: 9060 should be 00000009060)
Credit Union - 10 Digits ( ex. Water 906000 should be 0000906000 / Taxes: 9060 should be 0000009060)
TD & CIBC - 13 Digits (Ex. Water 906000 should be 0000000906000 / taxes: 9060 should be 0000000009060 )

RBC and BMO does not accept online payments from the Town of Elk Point unfortunately.

Note: Please do not include the decimal point in any of the account numbers when registering online.

Did You Know?

In 1909, Post office and store established in Elk Point on farm of Mr. Hood, east of present Tempo Service Station. First official use of name Elk Point for the community. Elk Point School district was established.