Town Office

The Town of Elk Point is a community that utilizes its vast natural resources as a source of income for many residents and businesses. The primary economic drivers are oil & gas, agriculture, salt mining, manufacturing and tourism. Residential construction is healthy and vibrant in Elk Point. 

The Town of Elk Point continues to thrive, despite being affected by the downturn in the economy; along with low oil prices. By investing in other areas of growth, such as recreation and tourism, the community is able to sustain the ups & downs of the oil field market. 

A new residential subdivision has been serviced in the north side of the community. The area is growing with young families and parks. Large lots available, in a variety of locations for under $100,000. With new infrastructure completed in 2015, the Town is poised for growth with a new water reservoir, new sanitary lagoon expansion and industrial park. 


Elk Point Tactical Plan


Did You Know?

Fort George & Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site is the location of competing fur trade posts from the 1790's and features a great facility to visit.