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Posted on Wednesday April 12, 2017 at 02:13PM



Elk Point Mayor & Council approves $35,738 in grant funding

Local Non-Profits Receive Funding from Town through MSI Operating Grant

The Town of Elk Point has approved funding requests from ten (10) local non-profit groups and organizations through its Community Enhancement, Arts & Culture Endowment Grant Program. The program is funded by money made available through the Provincial Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Funds.

Town of Elk Point Mayor, Parrish Tung says Mayor & Council are appreciative of the volunteers in the community that help operate and maintain the community recreational & cultural facilities and groups. “It’s been a difficult year, a tough year, and the Town is helping where we can,” says Parrish.

Recreation Coordinator for the Town of Elk Point, Jena Colbourne explains the selection process was tough, “the Town has a policy in place, that was designed and approved in 2015. This policy was applied to the applications and successful candidates were chosen based on the policy.” The policy is available for the public on the Town of Elk Point’s website, at: 
Successful Grants under the 2016 Funding

Approved April 10th, 2017 by Town of Elk Point Mayor & Council

• AG Ross Arena $13,000
• Elk Point Curling Rink $8,500
• AG Barn $2,000
• Elk Point Soccer Club $1,000
• Elk Point Theatre Project $2,000
• Heritage Lodge $620
• Elk Point Victim Services $1,000
• Allied Arts Centre $2,500
• Jack & Jill Playschool $2,618
• Pioneer Seniors’ Centre $2,500

The Town of Elk Point is now calling for applicants for the 2017 cycle. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), for the Town, Ken Gwozdz explains, “we’re always a year behind, so we are trying to catch up.” Any unsuccessful, new or recurring candidates are encouraged to apply again. The application deadline for the 2017 Community Enhancement, Arts & Culture Endowment Grant Program is June 15th, 2017 at 12:00 pm.

Gwozdz says it is important for community groups to get their applications in by the deadline, “there may not be any funding for 2018.” The Province has not announced if they will continue to MSI Funding after this cycle nor have they announced if any similar programs will be in place for 2018.

There was one significant change when the new policy was put into effect that the Town of Elk Point would like all to know about, says Gwozdz, “before the MSI was focused on facilities. New to the 2015 policy and what was applied to the 2016 grants was that events and community groups can be included, as well as facilities.”

“A lot of societies are adapting to the policy by providing financials and seeking out other grant funding to match or increase their overall funding,” Gwozdz thanks the societies for reading up on the policy and applying the current guidelines when applying.

The Town of Elk Point would like to thank the volunteers that work diligently to provide excellent recreational and cultural programming to our community. For more information on and/or assistance in applying for the Community Enhancement, Arts & Culture Endowment Grant Program. contact the Town of Elk Point Recreation Coordinator Jena Colbourne at 780-207-5898 or The 2017 deadline is June 15th, 2017 at 12:00 pm at the Town of Elk Point Office, Box 448 Elk Point, AB T0A 1A0.

For More Information:

Jena Colbourne

780-207-5898 . .

Author: Town of Elk Point


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