How do you make a payment to the Town of Elk Point?


Online Banking Directly:

ATB - 11 Digits (ex. Water: 906000 should be 00000906000 / taxes: 9060 should be 00000009060)
Credit Union - 10 Digits ( ex. Water 906000 should be 0000906000 / Taxes: 9060 should be 0000009060)
TD & CIBC - 13 Digits (Ex. Water 906000 should be 0000000906000 / taxes: 9060 should be 0000000009060 )

RBC and BMO does not accept online payments from the Town of Elk Point unfortunately.

Note: Please do not include the decimal point in any of the account numbers when registering online.

Did You Know?

Fort George & Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site is the location of competing fur trade posts from the 1790's and features a great facility to visit.