Election Signs

Sep 30, 2021

Election Signs

5305 Railway Avenue, Elk Point, AB T0A 1A0


The Town of Elk Point will be holding Municipal Elections during the month of October. In preparation for the Election Day, candidates will be promoting themselves throughout the area and it will be common to see signage throughout the community supporting the various candidates who are participating.

The Elk Point RCMP would like to remind the community that the placement of candidate signs should still be in compliance with the law and public safety regulations. Be wary of obstructing traffic visibility on major roadways and intersections. Any signs deemed to be placed in a hazardous location can be removed.

Additionally, The Elk Point RCMP want to remind citizens, the candidate signs are still considered to be property. Every voter has the privilege to support their candidate visibly on the grounds of their own property. Any theft, damage to any signs or trespassing can still be reported as a crime and investigated the police.

The Elk Point RCMP want to encourage everyone to be respectful and courteous to during the campaigning and election. Best of luck to all those campaigning.


The Elk Point RCMP Members & Staff