Now Hiring – Returning Officers

May 28, 2021

Now Hiring – Returning Officers

Do you like helping others and enjoy giving back to your community?
We’re looking for someone like you to help us run the next provincial election.
We also provide complete training and support.

  • Returning Officers plan, prepare, and conduct election-related events in their electoral division.
  • Returning Officers are familiar with their community and work to establish polling places and to provide electors with appropriate voting opportunities.
  • Returning Officers hire, train, and manage elections staff to ensure both the returning office and polling places operate efficiently.
  • Returning Officers assist candidates, official agents, and electors to understand the voting process, and meet with different community groups to communicate voting information, give presentations, or to respond to media inquiries.

For more details or to apply, visit

Elections Alberta is a non-partisan Offce of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta