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The Town of Elk Point, with a population of over 1700 is a vibrant progressive town that offers something for all ages. A full service community, Elk Point has two major grocery stores, that are conveniently open at late hours throughout the week. Along with two other convenience stores in the community you will surely be able to find what you need.
The town's bakery is well-known for serving delicious treats. There are multiple restaurants in the town serving everything from western delights to Asian cuisine. A popular food truck is also known to park in the town, along with seasonal fruit and seafood trucks. 
There are two pharmacies servicing the community, that along with health care needs offer a variety of products. The town is home to a variety store and a home decor and goods store, that specializes in unique decor ideas, flowers, and embroidery. 
The hardware store is fully stocked with the best home improvement products, while the tire shop and autobodies will make sure your vehicle is fully serviced. 
There are motels, hotels, and a full service RV park for visitors, long term or short term to stay and a laundromat for your convenience. 

• The region is uniquely located in a triangle corridor between the high population centre of Edmonton, the Saskatchewan border, and the resource rich areas to the north leading to Fort McMurray.

• Elk Point is in a very prolific heavy oil and gas reserve field. These fields include Lindbergh, Frog lake and Elk Point where over 35 thousand bbls of oil (equivalent) along with millions of cubic feet of natural gas are produced.

• The Elk Point Business and Industrial Park has currently expanded by adding 30 acres. Many businesses are expanding due to the very busy oil and gas industry and the opportunity is available for you to purchase industrial lots.

• Elk Point offers excellent opportunities for retail businesses that cater to a young and experienced adult population. The employment environment is very strong in our area

 The Elk Point Business and Industrial Park

Elk Point's industrial area is conveniently located directly off Highway 41, making it ideal for big trucks, and heavy loads. The corridor connects to Highway 16 to the south, Highway 28 to the north. Easy access to Fort McMurray. Major artery leading to Fort McMurray, Bonnyville, Cold lake, all major oil and gas projects.

Save money by establishing your business in Elk Point. Elk Point is right in the middle of 3 major oil and gas fields as well as a major agriculture area.

Air and Ground Services for Business

The Elk Point Airport provides excellent quick access in and out of our industrial area. Major trucking companies service Elk Point providing solutions to all your Transportation needs. Our business community is also served daily by Loomis and DHL courier services.

Elk Point has business and industrial lots available to need all your needs and we offer you a two year tax break on all new buildings.

Call the town of Elk Point at 780-724-3810 for all details or either one of our Real Estate offices who can be found on the Real-Estate page of this website.


The Town of Elk Point is located next to the North Saskatchewan River in the center of the HUB region and the heart of the "Lakeland".

Elk Point runway Airport

Elk Point is situated on Highway 41 and connects north to Highway 28 and south to Highway 16. Elk Point has a local air strip with a 1,371 metre asphalt runway.

Elk Point Airport has the longest runway in the area and opportunities exist for businesses in the air transportation industry to set up their Services.

For bus service, Quality Time Tours provides regularly scheduled intercommunity service, connecting to Greyhound.

We also invite you to visit our Visitor Information "Eco" Center that is powered by solar and wind.

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We invite you to visit us and see the beauty of our lakes and rolling hills. You will discover a rich history of the area from Fort George Buckingham House Interpretive Center to our historical 100 foot mural.

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Fort George & Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site is the location of competing fur trade posts from the 1790's and features a great facility to visit.