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Elk Point Municipal Airport

The Elk Point Municipal Airport is an excellent facility located approximately 8 kms east of Elk Point on secondary highway 646.

The airport has a runway of 4,492 feet in length and a width of 75 feet with a tie down.

Elk Point offers you a personal invitation to fly in and check out our great facility. We welcome all inquiries. It is located in a very prosperous part of our Province and opportunities exist for you to start your own business or expand your existing one. We are actively pursuing companies or individuals to start a flight training school or aircraft repair location.


  • Landing Fee: None
  • Tie Down (Powered): $100 /year
  • Hangar Lot Lease: $500 /year
  • 24 hour Terminal Access
  • Secure, On-site Facility
  • Maintenance Staf

Please call or visit us anytime and discover why Elk Point is "The Right Place To Be"

Elk Point Municipal Airport

Investment Opportunities


The Elk Point Municipal Airport is located in a very prolific, heavy oil and gas reserve field, amidst a diverse agricultural sector.

It is an excellent location for opportunities in the gas and oil sector, agriculture and tourism industries, as well as UAV/BLVOS training and application into these industries.

The Elk Point Business and Industrial Park is located on the east side of the Town of Elk Point off Highway 41, connecting to Highway 16 (Trans Canada) to the south and Highway 28 to the north. Numerous lots are available to allow you to position your business.

Please call our Town Office at 780-724-3810 for assistance between the hours of 8:30 and noon, and 1 PM to 4:30 PM.

Regional Connectivity

The Elk Point Municipal Airport is one of two airports located in the County of St. Paul, approximately 220 kilometres northeast of Edmonton. The St. Paul Municipal Airport, located in the County of St. Paul, is three kilometres west on Highway 29 with all-weather facilities and a 1,067 metre runway.


Both airports serve a trading area of 35,000, that is connected to High Load Highways 36 and 41 north/south through the County accessing U.S. markets to the south and the oil sands areas of the north. Highway 28, a main east/west highway, runs through the County connecting major development to suppliers.


STEP Alliance

The St. Paul/Elk Point (STEP) Economic Development Alliance recognizes the Elk Point Municipal Airport as a valuable regional asset with investment potential in the gas and oil, agriculture and tourism industries, as well as other industry possibilities. For more information on investment opportunities, site selection criteria or partnership prospects, please contact STEP Economic Development Alliance.


There are many exciting regional opportunities to work with partners on projects and initiatives involving the Elk Point Airport., including with Indigenous Communities. Bordering on several First Nations and Metis Settlements that have proven experience and success in investment partnership opportunities. Successful Indigenous Partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual respect, common goals, opportunities for employment, and an understanding of the local community.


Hangers For Lease

A total of 27 leases are available at the airport. For more information regarding costs and details please contact our Town Office.


Technical Information


  • Call# CEJ6
  • REF: N53 53 35 W110 46 20 5E 16 degrees E
  • UTC-7(6) Elev 1981’ A5015 E-16
  • LO1 LO2
  • OPR: Town 780-724-3810 Reg
  • PF: A-1 C-2,3,4,5,6
  • FIC: Edmonton 866-WXBRIEF
  • ACC: Edmonton IFR 888-358-7526 or 780-890-8304/8305
  • RWY DATA: Rwy 07(074 degrees) /25(254 degrees) 4492x75 asphalt RCR Opr Ltd maint
  • LIGHTING: 07-(TE ME), 25-(TE ME) ARCAL- 123.2 type K
  • COMM: ATF tfc 123.2 5NM 5000 ASL
  • NAV: NDB 8M 414 (L) N53 53 25 W110 46 05 at A/D Pvt Unmonitored