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Emergency Services


We highly recommend you connect with our emergency notification systems:

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    Alberta Emergency

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    Alert St. Paul Regional Notifications

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    The Weather Network

St. Paul’s Regional

Emergency Management Agency

St. Paul’s Regional Emergency Management Agency (REMA) is responsible for planning, coordinating and supporting emergency agencies and resources during major emergencies and disasters.


REMA is established under the Town of Elk Point Bylaw No. 731/14. REMA works with all departments, utility companies, other municipalities and nonprofit groups to prepare, respond and recover more quickly when a disaster occurs. REMA manages the region’s emergency management plan and six sub-plans which identifies the region’s resources and organization in the event of an emergency or disaster.

The entire process and readiness of emergency management is compiled in those series of plans. The REMP is the master document developed by various agencies such as police, fire, municipal works, and emergency social services. The director and all the agency representatives of the various essential services agencies meet on an annual basis to discuss and refine plans.

The main plan was developed using the hazards identified in the hazard assessment. The plan is now in place and is ready should it be required. As the plan is a living document and always requires updates and upgrades, it is never ‘done’, but it is ready to support our region.

The Emergency Management Committee

The Emergency Management Committee is made up of councillors from each municipality and has the responsibility of designating a Director of Emergency Management and mandating their responsibilities.

The Director is responsible for:

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    Ensuring that risk analysis are conducted.

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    A mobilization plan is crafted and maintained.

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    Regular planning meetings are scheduled.

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    The plan being exercised routinely.


Fire Pits

& Barbeque Structures

Fire pits and barbeque structures can be used for the purpose of confining an outdoor fire for cooking, warmth or entertainment and shall comply with the following conditions:

  • Fire pits and barbeque structures shall be located a minimum of 3.05 metres (10ft) from anything combustible
  • They’re located in an area that takes into account the normal wind direction to prevent smoke from bothering the neighbours
  • There shall be no burning of grass, weeds, tree limbs, garden refuse, garbage, or similar materials in a fire pit for barbeque structure
  • They will be at all times attended by the property owner/occupant (when in use) who will be held responsible for any damage and costs resulting from the use of a fire pit or barbeque structure
  • They’re made of a base and sides that are non-combustible
  • Fire pits shall be no greater than 0.81 metres (32") in diameter, and a minimum of 0.3 metres (12") deep
  • There shall be a fire screen in place at all times while burning.

Emergency Services

Elk Point & Area Victim Services

Operation Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00am-4:00pm Covers Elk Point and area Call to make an appointment

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Elk Point Healthcare Centre

Click here for more information.

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Elk Point Fire Department

Approximately 27 Active Members volunteer Fire Department For emergencies call: 911 Facebook Page

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Elk Point RCMP

Services available: Criminal records check Police certificate Vulnerable sector check Report a crime General information Non-emergency complaints General Services |…

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Fire Department Contacts

Elk Point is serviced by a 27 member volunteer fire department led by Chief Bryce Osinchuk.


5301 Railway Ave,
Elk Point,
Alberta, T0A 1A0.

opening hours

Weekly volunteer practice
night on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

Bryce Osinchuk

Fire Chief

Anthony Chenard

Deputy Fire Chief

Bryce Osinchuk

Assistant Fire Chief