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Elk Point:

We’re Open For Business.

Elk Point is a diverse, welcoming town that encourages progressive entrepreneurship and community spirit. Nestled in green rolling hills, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Elk Point is rich in culture, history and opportunity.

From enticing tax incentives to streamlined application processes, Elk Point says goodbye red tape and hello new industries.

Elk Point’s the perfect place to open your business.


Lakeland Liquidation Warehouse coming to Elk Point soon……


Why choose Elk Point

for Your Business?

With a healthy selection of industries already calling Elk Point home, our small and dedicated council are here to help both domestic and international investors succeed without the barriers to growth seen in many other areas.

As a part of the Alberta HUB region, we boast:

  • A strong economy and solid infrastructure to support a growing investor community
  • A competitive tax structure
  • The lowest corporate tax rate in Canada (10%)
  • No provincial sales tax
  • High GDP growth, high labour productivity, and investment per capita more than double the Canadian average
  • Investment from Fortune 500 companies, global energy leaders, and innovative start-ups
  • A municipal airport with an asphalt runway with hangar access and tie-downs
  • Industrial area conveniently located directly off HWY 41, connecting HWY 16 to HWY 28, a major artery leading to Fort McMurray, Bonnyville, Cold Lake and all major oil and gas projects.
  • Elk Point is right in the middle of 3 major oil and gas fields as well as a major agriculture area.

Let’s talk business

We’ll do everything we can to help you grow your business in Elk Point.

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Investing in Elk Point

When you choose to invest with Elk Point, you take advantage of a streamlined process and great benefits to get your business up and running as quickly as possible:

  • A small, motivated council that wants to help you get things done
  • Same-day permit approvals
  • Construction work can start within a week
  • A dedicated economic development committee that does all the legwork for you
  • The lowest corporate tax rate in Canada (10%)
  • No provincial sales tax
  • High GDP growth
  • High labour productivity
  • Investment per capita is more than double the Canadian average

If you’d like to discuss investing in Elk Point, give our CAO Ken a call on 780-724-3810 or email [email protected]


Elk Point is home to a wide variety of industries and investment opportunities, including:


Industrial Hemp


Oil & Gas






Aerospace, Technology, Defence & UMS






Financial Services



Facts & Stats

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If you’d like to discuss investing in Elk Point, give our CAO Ken a call on 780-724-3810 or email [email protected]

Elk Point Airport

Elk Point offers you a personal invitation to fly in and check out our great facility. We welcome all inquiries. The Elk Point Airport is located in a very prosperous part of our Province and opportunities exist for you to start your own business or expand your existing one.