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Elk Point:

We’re Open For Business.

Rich in history, lakes and nature, deep in the heart of Alberta’s picturesque Lakeland, Elk Point is the right place to be.

From exciting new business opportunities to breathtaking scenery, Elk Point has it all.


Parrish Tung

Mayor of Elk Point

Letter from the Mayor

Welcome to the town of Elk Point. Whether you are visiting us virtually online or coming to Elk Point in person we have a lot to offer you. Elk Point is an active community that celebrates its history, provides a wide range of services to its residents and visitors, and promotes its future. We have excellent schools that regularly exceed provincial standards of achievement and who offer a wide range of programming to meet all needs. Our health care system offers timely access to doctors, a modern hospital with upgraded lab facilities, and excellent senior care facilities to meet all needs.

An RCMP facility, a modern regional fire station, and local ambulance services all serve to make Elk Point a very safe and caring community. Our arena, curling rink, golf course, riding arena, pickleball courts, ball diamonds, and soccer fields all speak to the active nature of our community as does our library, our further education program, and our many service organization. An active theatre group and choir offer opportunities for all interested. Volunteer opportunities abound and again demonstrate the active and caring nature of our community. Our businesses and commercial industries provide a wide range of services and employment opportunities. Our many restaurants offer a wide range of dining options. There are many camping options in Elk Point and area and the Iron Horse Trail runs right through Elk Point providing more recreational opportunities.

Whether for a short visit or as a place to call home, welcome to Elk Point - the right place to be.

Thank you,


Our History



School, Post Office and General Store

Nestled in green rolling hills, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Elk Point is rich in culture, history and opportunity.

In 1909, the first official use of ‘Elk Point’ was recorded when the school, post office and general store were set up.

Elk Point Village Was Founded

From the very get-go, the people of Elk Point have known the importance of embracing new business and rolling with the times. The official Elk Point village was founded in 1938, when a fur trading post was set up.

Both the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company had posts on the river near Elk Point. Alberta Culture has built an interpretive centre near the remains of Fort George and Buckingham House that are well worth a visit to if you’re in the area.





Elk Point Bridge

In 1955, a bridge was built to cross the North Saskatchewan River just south of Elk Point and 10,000 people came to the opening. That record breaking event set the pace for the little village with the `mighty voice`.

In the words of one of our founders J.C. Jensen: "We feel pride in our village. We hope that it may grow more beautiful, become ever more conscious of civic pride and truly be a community of which the younger growing generation can always look back to as a sphere of pleasant memories."

Elk Point continues to be a diverse, welcoming town that encourages progressive entrepreneurship and community spirit. Some of our notable residents include Team Canada rugby player Adam Kleeberger, professional ice hockey players Mark Letestu and Sheldon Souray, and the longest serving President of the Métis Nation of Alberta Audrey Poitras.

For more information on Elk Point’s fascinating history, check out our very own History of Elk Point website.

Your Community

There’s always something fun to do in Elk Point! Community spirit is alive and well here, with a wide variety of friendly clubs, teams and hobby groups to join.


The Elk Point Vision

Building a safe, thriving, sustainable future together.


The Elk Point Mission

With accountable leadership, we work collaboratively to provide service excellence that is responsive to our community.

Meet The Elk Point Council:

My name is Parrish Tung. I have been living in this region since 1977. I am a retired teacher and school administrator. We have one son who is at university. He is taking Doctor of pharmacy program. This will be my fifth term as mayor of Elk Point. I look forward to serving our community.

Parrish Tung

I consider myself a lifelong resident of Elk Point and the Community, although I moved away for a period of four years with my husband’s employment. I was raised on a farm just west of Elk Point, I graduated from FG Miller, was married in the United Church, raised my children here, was active with many organizations when my children were younger, still volunteer with different organizations today and am a small business owner. Elk Point has always been “home” and I am excited to have been given the opportunity to serve others who call Elk Point home.

Wanda Cochrane

I lived in the County of St. Paul all my life and Moved to Elk Point in 2004 where, with my Beautiful wife Crystal, have raised a Beautiful Family.  I am very active in the community as I feel that is the only way to see a community grow.  That is my goal over the next 4 years, to help bring together this community, to encourage participation so we can all build something we can all be proud of.

Jason Boorse

My entire life has been spent here in our wonderful community and I can’t say enough about our great town! You can not find a better area to live in. I am happily married and currently raising the next generation of Elk Pointers. With camping, hunting and fishing at the top of my “Do whenever possible” list. I have spent 30+ years in the oilfield industry. My goal in council is to help build a stronger community and encourage diversification in industry.

Tim Smereka


Born and raised in Elk Point, I take great pride in our community. This is my sixth term on Town Council and will do everything in my power to keep Elk Point a caring and giving community. Together with my wife Donna, we have raised three children and are the proud grandparents of eleven. I have been employed by Elk Point Truss Ltd. for the last forty years. I look forward to working with the new Council and to continue with our town slogan “Elk Point: The Right Place To Be.”

Dwayne Yaremkevich

Your Team

We’re a small (but dedicated) team here at Elk Point. We make sure the things that matter most to you get completed in record time. With such a small team, we can When you’re a part of the Elk Point community and need something done, you’ll be speaking to one of us - and we’re always happy to help!

Administration Office

Ken Gwozdz

Chief Administrative Officer

Looking to set up your business in Elk Point? Ken is your man. Skip the red tape and get building work started within a week.

Lisa Han

Director of Corporate and Community Services

If you have questions on Taxes, Lisa is your first point of contact. She also uses her municipal experience to manage Elk Point’s Budget & Finances.

Lynn Proskiw

Accounts Payable/Utilities

Lynn is your contact if you have any questions about Utilities, Bulk Water, Building Developments, Building/Electrical/Plumbing/Gas Permits, Accounts Payable.  As a long time resident and employee, Lynn has a wealth of knowledge about Elk Point.

Kendra Loughran

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer. For any inquiries about presentations to Council, please feel free to contact Kendra at the Town Office.

Michele Weston

Admin Clerk

Chances are, when you contact Elk Point’s office, Michele will be your first point of contact. She keeps the office running smoothly and will help you find where you need to go.

Outside Operations

Jay Duffee

Manager of Operations

Chris Swedgan

Lead Foreman

Kyle Blakey

Public Works Operators

Yonas Rohner

Public Works Operators

Colton Hynamyk

Public Works Operators

Roger Gueron

Public Works Operators

The Rest of the Team

Bryce Osinchuk

Fire Chief

Lynn Smid

FCSS Director