Jan 25, 2022


Roles & Responsibilities

The Board shall act as an advisory board to the County of St. Paul Council. The lines of communication shall be through the Director and/or the Board chair.

The Board shall advise, assist and make recommendation in the following areas;

  • Attend FCSS events whenever possible;
  • Promote volunteering in the community and volunteer at the FCSS events;
  • Establish relationships and partnership with other Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Federal departments and community agencies that will promote the development of Family and Community Support Services;
  • Make suggestions and recommendations on the implementation of new programs, events or workshops;
  • Review the annual budget for FCSS program;
  • Promote the development of community partnerships with individuals and groups;
  • Promote community engagement, seek out suggestions for programs or events from individuals and groups;
  • Provide suggestions/feedback regarding Strategic Planning;
  • Promote awareness of the FCSS programs and mandate;

Application Form: https://www.elkpoint.ca/download/board-vacancy-application/?wpdmdl=16615