Snow Snow Snow

Dec 6, 2022

Snow Snow Snow

Snow Removal

It’s that time of the year again! The Town of Elk Point would like to remind residents of our snow removal bylaws and policies.

Bylaw 795.19 – Snow Removal Bylaw

Highway Sidewalks Policy – Policy Number 4-3-16

Sidewalks Policy – Policy 4-5-16

Snowfall Priority Cleaning Policy – Policy 4-4-16

All the above can be found of the Town of Elk Point Website.

Snow removal will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Hospital street – 50th Avenue to 54th Street
  2. School area – 50th Street from 50th Avenue to 55th Avenue and 51st Street from 50th Avenue to 55th Avenue
  3. Roadways leading out of Town – 54th Street from 50th Avenue to Hwy 646, 50th Avenue from 54th Street to town limits, Railway Avenue from 54th Street to Hwy 41, and 57th Avenue from 51st Street to Hwy 41
  4. 51st Street from 55th Avenue to 60th Avenue
  5. Town utility and wastewater plants
  6. Industrial areas as needed

Note:  Downtown areas are not typically cleaned until the next day (unless there is unusually heavy snowfall) to allow business owners time to shovel their sidewalks.  Please see complete policy on our website