St. Paul Region Now on COVID-19 Enhanced List

Nov 16, 2020

St. Paul Region Now on COVID-19 Enhanced List

COVID-19: The St. Paul Region is now on the Enhanced List

As of November 13, there are twelve active cases of COVID-19 in the St. Paul Region which puts the region on the Enhanced List. This means that additional measures have been put in place by Alberta Health Services to keep yourself and others in the community safe and to reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

County Council and staff want everyone in the County to be safe. We have all been dealing with COVID and safety measures since March. Many of us feel uncomfortable, we are fed up, frustrated, angry or sad. We may not know anyone that has the coronavirus and wonder, “What’s the big deal? It’s not affecting me.” The fact is, it could affect you, your family and your friends. So, it is a big deal.

We are now just six weeks away from Christmas, a time when we all want to be with family and friends. If we do not take proactive, responsible actions now it could be a very different Christmas –one that keeps us away from our family and friends.

We are imploring – begging – everyone to be responsible and follow the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services:

•Social distance when you can.

•Wear a mask when you can’t social distance and when you are out in public.

•Wash your hands frequently.

If we keep ourselves and, therefore others, safe we will all go a long way to keeping the number of COVID-19 cases down in the region. Thank you!