ABTraceTogether App

Nov 20, 2020

ABTraceTogether App

Please read the email below from Alberta Health Emergency Operations Centre.

We would like to request that all municipalities encourage their residents to download the secure ABTraceTogether app. Unlike the federal app, ABTraceTogether is directly integrated with Alberta’s contact tracing system. Notification of exposure is left to health experts to follow up directly with those at risk, support them in their recovery and ensure they isolate. In the time since ABTraceTogether launched, we have made a number of improvements. We updated the app in September to address any privacy concerns and allow it to run in the background on IOS. It can detect interactions between two iPhones while the app is in the background or on a locked iPhone.

The technology in ABTraceTogether has been successfully used in Singapore, Australia and other places to stop the spread of COVID19. And while any app is only one small part of the fight against COVID19, ABTraceTogether remains an effective public health tool.

Thank you,

Alberta Health Emergency Operations Centre”